International Snooker: Challenges

Update 4th May 2013, out now on the iTunes app store:

International Snooker returns with 108 bite sized challenges. Snack gaming at its very best!

Using the critically acclaimed ‘2012’ engine, Challenges gives the player  108 bite sized mini-games. Everything from a single pot to historic moments in world snooker. Remember the 1985 ‘black ball’ final or Jimmy White coming so close to being world champion in 1994?

Completing a challenge earns stars, 3 stars for a perfect result down to 1 star for a scrappy win. Collect enough stars per pack of challenges to win a bronze, silver or gold trophy in the prize room.

With 108 challenges there’s hours of gameplay and lots of variety bringing a fresh, new and unique appeal to snooker games.

Developed using the International Snooker 2012 engine, Challenges retains all the critically acclaimed features of ‘2012’ including the unrivalled ‘slide to aim, slide to elevate’ control system, real world physics, rules and AI. Together with genre leading visuals with iPhone / iPhone 5 / iPad / iPad mini and Full Retina display support.

  • 108 challenges split over 12 ‘packs’.  A huge variety including:
    • Famous and Historic moments in world snooker.
    • Against the Shot Clock.
    • Positional Play.
    • Develop the Reds.
    • Trick Shots.
    • Beat the Match Clock.
    • Perfect Breaks.
    • Practice Routines.
    • Snookers.
    • Shot Counter.
    • Shooting Blind.
    • Single Frame matches.
    • Swerve, Stun and Screw Back.
    • 147 – the Reds,  147 – the Colours.
    • The Perfect Break.
    • Classic Comebacks.
    • 12 venues.
    • 12 Trophies to win in Gold, Silver and Bronze.
    • Undo Shot feature allows you to correct that hastily taken shot.
    • State of the art visuals and Physics using the International Snooker 2012 engine.
    • Immersive audio.
    • Full Retina display support.

Available FREE on the iTunes app store, good potting one and all!

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