Gangnam Bear

Out now on iTunes see the link below right.

He’s a bear and he has only one wish, to dance Gangnam Style!

You’re his only hope, help him dance the moves in time and sequence to score big points and rule the leaderboards.

Use an AR trigger and he’ll dance anywhere you want him, your desk, your hand, your dog’s head.

It’s free, it’s furry, it’s an app-o-fun every day.

AR targets:

You can either print out the AR target shown here OR use any of the following bank notes, place them where you want to see the bear dance, choose AR mode and point the camera at the trigger:

US $5 or $10 or $20

UK £5 or £10

Europe 5 Euros or 10 Euros

Japan 1000 Yen

South Korea 10000 Won

Or print out the trigger below (the bigger the trigger the bigger the bear):



Get it here: