Doodle Pool 2

***Now live on all iTunes stores ***

Following on from the 1.5m download 2011 original we are taken on a journey through time in search of the Chalk of Destiny.

Taking on a world of historic figures including Cleopatra, Billy the Kid, Al Capone and Camelot’s Merlin in their favourite games of 8 ball US, 9 ball US, 8 ball Euro, 10 ball and Killer.

- 8 locations and times including:

    Prehistoric Africa, Gangster era America, Feudal Japan and Aztec Mexico.

- 5 pool modes plus bonus modes.
- Boosters to get out of those sticky situations.
- Choice of control systems including the original Doodle drag, rotate, release.
- Social features let you see and beat your mates then claim full bragging rights.
- Free download on the iTunes app store



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