Crash in IS2014 ‘leagues’

this is a temp fix to get you going…
Settings->iCloud->Storage&Backup->ManageStorage->iPad->Show All Apps…
Click on the slider and turn off IS2014 -> choose delete on the popup message (delete icloud data).
Go back a couple of times to the iCloud account screen and delete account – removes the iCloud data from the iPad – choose delete – you can choose keep on my iPad (that’s not game data just contacts).
Go to GC in settings, click on AppleID and sign out.
Exit settings.
Delete the game Download and install the game again.
Run the game…now if that was all done correctly it will boot up and NOT offer you any iCloud data, There will be a pop – an invite to log into GC, cancel it.
Press league play and it should all open ok, only one league will be open and zero points, choose garage league and start a match.
Exit to main menu.
Use home button to exit the game.
Settings->iCloud – log back into iCloud and it’ll restore your data.
Run the game again.
Log back into GC.
Accept iCloud data and allow the game to go through the restore process (including a self reboot) Press league play and it should be as you left it.

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